9,000 Toyota FJ Cruisers Recalled Amid Blog Rumors


When it comes to recalls it’s always important to get the facts straight. Rumors earlier today on another automotive blog caught our attention about possible problems with the popular 2007 FJ Cruiser’s wheel and tire assembly. We quickly contacted Toyota about the blog post and got the skinny.

On June 26, Toyota filed a recall notice with NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which handles recalls) regarding a problem with the tire mounting that could damage the beading inside the tire. NHTSA updates its recalls weekly, and the FJ recall is not listed in the most recent notice, dated June 29. The bead is an integral part of the tire that connects the actual rubber to the wheel.

Toyota discovered the problem through its own quality-control process, and no injuries or defects have been reported by owners. Toyota outsources tire mounting for the FJ to another company.

A mailing will go out July 5 to all 9,000 affected owners. The vehicles in question are equipped with Bridgestone Duelers and Dunlop Grandtrek tires. All affected vehicles will have their tires replaced, and owners should schedule service with their dealership.

By David Thomas | June 29, 2006 | Comments (20)
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Hey guys.. way to steal our news and not credit us back.


We didn't steal news. In fact your forum, nor the other, wasn't the one mentioned above which wrongly said Toyota was sneaking this recall apst NHTSA. We contacted Toyota personally to get the full information. Our readers have every right to know what's going on and most of them do not read forums, and if we had gotten the info from you we would have credited it. We didn't want to link to the blog with the wrong info because it would have seeemed like we wanted to make them look bad.

Oley Olson

Can regular size tire on a rim fit into the trunk area for a spare tire on a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE?

Actually, it's kind of good news, given that it is a recall. I mean, they found it themselves prior to any real problems by car buyers. Sort of fits in with Toyota's "high quality" reputation.

The Toyota response is very responsible. This is one of the better car companies that stays on top because of quality control.

Dan the Man

Yeah, thats apparent this year...HA!

toyota warrnaty discrepancy

Toyota put in the wrong purchase date and is now refusing to make warranty period repairs. I have called senior mangers to straighten this screw up out. No phone calls are being returned. Be careful of the dates on toyota purchase receipts. Mine was 4 days off. I have the license and registration paperwork to back up my correct purchase date. Be careful of toyota, they are not the company they used to be.

Zijn ze nog te koop?
Een foutje van toyota maar normaal gezien altijd een sterk merk.


I have bought brand new Camry two years ago, because I thought I won't have any problems before car is paid of at least...after 55 K I hear some weird sounds in front...took to Huntington dealership...John tells me ..."If you want things to get checked, pay per hour to repairmen...and then we will see if warranty covers it..." I said...oh no it doesn’t sound it that bad.." because who knows what they cover....My car now has 60K and car is off the warranty...it's making very loud noises...it is for sure something wrong with the car...bearings or even axle...Moreover, I'm reading in the Toyota’s warranty policy "everything is covered!!! Before 60K" So my warranty is over...Toyota service always tries to full you!!! I'm shopping for another car currently...It won't be buying any Toyota’s in my life time I'm dam sure about it...These cars are not reliable anymore...give me a break 60 K That's it!!!? I have to spend most of the time in repair shop instead of driving....no way I'm buying crappy Toyota!!! And I'm not anonymous blogger...check everything you want...I have that brand new Toyota...but doesn’t drive it perfect how they advertize that crap on TV.. it breaks down very fast ant it's not reliable at all....It was very big mistake purchasing Toyota....!!!

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Thanks to Toyota for making an immediate action of recall after the discovery.Owners must check their 2007 FJ Cruiser’s for this issue on tires.

Glad to hear it was discovered early and necessary actions made.I hope all cruisers recalled will be fix soon.

Toyota keeps their name on top for the quality and customer concern at all times.

Allen Beam

I have an '06 Sienna that Toyota can't fix. I've taken to two different dealerships and both say the "the diagnostic computer says there's nothing wrong." But this car acts like the transmission slips almost every time I acceleratte after slowing down to make a turn or crossing a railroad track or other similar senarios. I visited these places five {5} times for the same problem. I guess the computer knows more than these people do. This will probably be my last Toyota.


Thanks for getting the straight story. My FJ driving neighbor was very interested in this.

The FJ Cruiser falls under the category of compact SUV class cars and is built on the body style of 2+2 door SUV model.

It's a shame, I think these SUV's are really good looking. Alas, the power of blogs is apparently enough to make a major corporation recall a line of vehicles. Great post!!


I hope my wife gets me this jeep for my birthday. I would love it.

Jim | http://www.bigjimsextremeauto.com

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