Top 10 Movie Cars

With Pixar’s “Cars” ready to pull into theaters nationwide, we got to thinking about our favorite movie cars. It was a long list, with roughly 100 entries. We gathered votes. We argued. We made snide remarks. Finally, we pared down the list and came up with our Top 10 Movie Cars. Lest you think we aren’t interested in fair and balanced coverage, we also included our picks for the five worst.


No. 10  2003 Mini Cooper S, "The Italian Job"

Drivetrain: 163-hp, supercharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with six-speed manual transmission; front-wheel drive

Notable Features: 200 pounds lighter than stock Cooper S; painted red, white or blue

Larger cars would have rubbed fenders with light poles and tunnel walls, but thanks to a nimble fleet of Mini Coopers, a band of conspirators manages to escape captors down congested streets, parks and subway tunnels. (Parks? Mass transit? In Los Angeles?) Computer-rigged signals aid the getaway, stopping cross traffic at red lights. Sounds like California dreaming for drivers.

No. 9  1973 Ford Falcon, "The Road Warrior"

1973 Ford Falcon Drivetrain: 300-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 with four-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Hood-mounted air intake, gas tanks in back, dash-mounted shotgun

Maybe if Max Rockatansky drove a more fuel-efficient car, he wouldn’t have to spend his days scouring the post-apocalypse Australian desert for gas. Of course, then his car wouldn’t be tough enough to take down the marauders he’s after, and we doubt it would have received as many votes. Fortunately, Mad Max’s Falcon police interceptor has all the right goodies: Side exhaust, a supercharger and giant, dust-kicking tires. Gas mileage? Fuggedaboudit.

No. 8  1958 Plymouth Fury, "Christine"

1958 Plymouth Fury Drivetrain: 305-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 with three-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Rewinding odometer, bending sheet metal, bloodlust for young guttersnipes

Never mind that Christine runs amok all night killing people voters loved the idea of a self-repairing car. That it’s curvy, red and fast probably helped, too. Still, we would have liked to have seen her kick some bulldozer tail at the end.

No. 7  1959 Cadillac Ambulance, "Ghostbusters"

1959 Cadillac Ambulance Drivetrain: 325-hp, 6.4-liter V-8 with two-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Tailfins, flashing lights, sirens, attached ladder

Though it plays a relatively small part in its film, the Ectomobile is the finest medical movie car to date. What it lacks in brute force it makes up in style, with red tailfins, strobe lights and more roof gear than a fire truck. Should there ever be a remake, our pick for the new Ectomobile would be the Dodge Magnum.

No. 6  1968 Ford Mustang GT 390, "Bullitt"

1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Drivetrain: 325-hp, 6.4-liter V-8 with four-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Fastback roof, higher engine note than the Charger

Never mind the continuity mishaps; Just tell yourself there were a lot of green Volkswagen Beetles in San Francisco that day. The seven-minute chase scene between Frank Bullitt’s Mustang GT 390 and a hit man’s 1968 Dodge Charger is among the best of its kind. Voters gave Bullitt’s car the edge because, in the end, you have to root for the good guy.

No. 5  Batmobile Tumbler, "Batman Begins"

Drivetrain: 340-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 with electronic throttle; electric motor for silent operation; jet engine for jumps

Notable Features: Armor plates all around, voice-guided navigation system, power driver’s seat

Batman’s Tumbler stretches the definition of a car, but voters insisted it belongs on the list. Most vehicles are either nimble or tough, but the Tumbler is both: it vaults between rooftops and charges through barriers. Cops spout ineffectual one-liners, and it turns their cruisers to scrap. The cabin doesn’t look very comfortable, but given the tank-like exterior, it’s a wonder Batman even has a place to sit.

No. 4  1964 Aston Martin DB5, "Goldfinger"

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Drivetrain: 282-hp, 4.0-liter six-cylinder with four-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Bulletproof glass, machine guns, incessantly beeping radar screen

Save for the anemic BMW Z3 1.9 in “GoldenEye,” Bond cars are top-notch the list includes Aston Martins, Bentleys and Lotuses but voters agreed the champ is the Aston Martin DB5 in “Goldfinger.” Not only is it gorgeous, it outruns and out-gadgets all of its competitors. Plus it gets plenty of screen time with the best Bond, Sean Connery. Any dissenters, of course, are welcome to ride in the “power” passenger seat.

No. 3  1974 Dodge Monaco, "The Blues Brothers"

Drivetrain: 275-hp, 7.1-liter V-8 with three-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks

You usually don’t come out ahead when swapping a Caddy for a Dodge unless the Dodge has a 440-cubic-inch V-8. The Bluesmobile would be our pick if we had to outrun the better half of Illinois police, not to mention a neo-Nazi outfit and a country and western band. The car falls apart in the end, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that could survive “a mission from God.”

No. 2  1961 Ferrari 250 GT, "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off"

Drivetrain: 280-hp, 3.0-liter V-12 with four-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Cherry-red exterior, wire grille, Cameron-sized tonneau compartment

This movie is probably responsible for thousands of teens cutting class to joyride in their father’s car. Of course, none hold a candle to Mr. Frye’s convertible Ferrari. It won votes for all the obvious reasons: It’s red, Italian and bloody fast. If our fathers owned something like this, we’d ditch Econ 101 in a heartbeat to take a spin especially if Dad didn’t lock the garage. (And yes, we know this was a kit car.)

No. 1  1981 DeLorean DMC-12,"Back to the Future"

Drivetrain: 1.21-gigawatt nuclear/electric hybrid with five-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Gull-wing doors, 16-port twin exhaust boxes, Flux Capacitor

This was an overwhelming choice for voters, and why not? Doc Brown’s smoke-spewing DeLorean achieves time travel at 88 mph, thanks to a lithium-powered nuclear reactor and onboard Flux Capacitor. By the end of the first movie, it runs solely on trash and flies. That’s still futuristic two decades after the movie debuted. Sure, the ignition seems to have some reliability issues, but this car easily won our hearts.

Honorable Mentions:

1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, "Smokey and the Bandit"

The Magical Car, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

1963 Volkswagen Beetle, "The Love Bug"

See our picks for the Top 5 Worst Movie Cars.

By Kelsey Mays | May 30, 2006 | Comments (106)
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No. 9 1973 Ford Falcon, "The Road Warrior"...

After all these years I finally have my answer to what that car was...

Now I can go to my Grave knowing... hehehe


Blah! Elanor from "Gone in 60 Seconds" will always be #1 in my heart!

Bad Angus

Where's the General Lee? Honestly, I can't decide if it fits under best or worst, so I can't blame you for punting on it...


U GUYS R MISSING THE FASTEST MOST BEAUTIFUL MOVIE CAR EVER! I would have given #1 to Eleanor the 1967 Mustang GT500 from Gone in 60 Seconds!

Steve Bolander

I had to look twice to realize that the deuce coupe from American Grafitti did not make the list. How can the ultimate hot rod which has spawned thousands of look a likes not rank higher than a trashy "Blues Brothers Car." Here are the cars that should have also made the list, Herbie, the California Kid, Milner's Deuce Coupe, Falfa's 55 Chevy, the bandits trans-am, and how about an honorable mention to some TV movie cars, the phantom truck from "Duel" and the "Munsters" family car and grandpa's coffin on wheels.

Your list was obviously not assembled by car guys, how else do you explain the Italian Jobs mini cooper. tsssss.


your cars sucks why don't you have a sixteen


Bullitt was a nice touch. But where is the 427 Shelby Cobra from "Gumball Rally"? Or the Ford GT40 from "A Man and a Woman"?


where's the audi a8 from the transporter2 or all of those cars in fast and the furious and 2fast 2furious? come on now people!


wtf...what about the challenger from vanishing point????

Jeff Simons

you forgot the fastest chicken in the south and the TransAM from Smokey and the bandit.


Gone in 60 seconds? Per-lease....Fortunately they didn't take cars from bad movies such as gone in 60 seconds (remake) and Fast and furious.My favourite was always the Persuit Special V8 Interceptor from Mad Max.From TV shows it's the black Ferrari Daytona convertible from Miami Vice.


I will have to agree with the comments on the famous Elanor "Gone In Sixty Seconds"car.I can't believe it didn't make the top 10.


This article was stolen, verbatim, and reposted on at

Is this not plagerism?

Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately what Autospies did was rerun a press release we sent out about the list verbatim and there's a mention of in the first paragraph. So I'm guessing we can't do much about it even though a link would've been appropriate. Thanks for looking out for us!

Josh T.

Fast and the Furious? Bull. Those jap crap cars don't deserve to be on this list, especially being computer generated to go faster than they could. Either of the Eleanors (73 Mustang Mach 1 or 67 Shelby Mustang) would have been fine choices.


what about gone in 60 seconds & the fast and furious


If you want a good car for this lineup you'll need the mach 1 mustang from the more action packed original gone in sixty seconds. I also can agree about the cars from the gumball rally. But what about K.I.T.T. And also some of the cars on that list were useless. The italian job. common now. and the Ferrari from Ferris Buellers day off what did that do. I wouldn't remember that car from that movie it was sitting in my driveway.


There's one car that's desperately missing though it didn't come out in a theatre but in a show series and I'd have to say was sexier, more mysterious, pleasure to look at than all these put together...not to mention it started my own love for cars. This car is the black monochromatic '65 Corvette Stingray in the mid-eighties show "Stingray". Nothing compares.

doesnt matter

General Lee? Eleanor? How about the real batmobile...i think thats a little more popular than that stupid tank. Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino???? Never heard of The Road Warrior or Christine, therefore never heard of or seen those 2 cars, but the Monte Carlo from Training Day was also a pretty sweet car


Back to the future is the best film
DeLorian is the best car


I would have to add the Vanishing Point Challenger and the Bullitt Charger to the good list. Could also add most of the cars from Gumball Rally and the Chrysler concepts from "The Wraith". The bad list should have the busses from "The Big Bus" and "The Gauntlet" as well as the van from "Barb Wire".

malvin romero

c'mon people its simple that the ferrari 250gt
is the best

Aaron Peterson

As a lifelong Back To The Future fan and a DeLorean owner, I was glad to see that the time machine was chosen as number one, as it should be! (Just an FYI: in the movie the time machine was plutonium powered, not lithium)


´95 Toyota Supra Targa 3.0!!! in flipflop orange with green and silver stripes;)!!!


What the hell, where was the 1967 shelby gt500 (Eleanor) from gone in 60 seconds, or the 1969 dodge charger (General Lee) from dukes of hazzard, and why is a mini cooper even in the list.


I'd like to add mu favorite: the Mercury Grand Marquis John Candy drove in "Uncle Buck" (with the delayed backfire.)


Boy, I can't believe it. A top ten list of cars in movies without Herbie the Love Bug. You guys blew it big time. Herbie should be in the top 3.


Hey what about the BLOWN 57 CHEV from "running on empty"? An absolute CLASSIC!

The General Lee is NUMBER 1 (01 to be exact) in my book, with K.I.T.T. as a close #1.5 Those two are all that!

As for the F&F movies... As a Charger fan, the ending of the first movie pissed me off... the 2nd makes up for it though (despite the culture of "Ricers" it popularizes).


As far as Movie cars, you missed a couple that had HUGE starring roles in the MOVIE itself! Come on!!!!

The Charger from Dirty Mary Crazy Larry - Now THERE's a cool movie car! Fast loud and bright, everything you WANT in a getaway car!

The Challenger from Vanishing Point (the ORIGINAL) Cool car fast and rugged. No Fast and frivilous Toyota could survive all that dust in Death valley not to mention it was a for real muscle car with a ig block and pistol grip 4 speed!

Eleanor from the ORIGNIAL Gone in 60 Seconds. Fast cool NO computer enhancements (F&F PLEASE!) And she did all HER OWN STUNTS!

Winston Harris

I love cars


super guau


cmon KITT is where it was at... The best TV or Movie car ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan A

My personal Top Ten:

10. Herbie
9. Bond's DB5
8. "Ferris Bueller's" Ferrari
7. Bandit's Trans Am
6. The California Kid
5. The original Eleanor (not the awful remake)
4. The "Two-Lane Blacktop" '55 Chevy
3. Millner's Deuce Coupe
2. The "Vanishing Point" Challenger
1. TIE: The Mustang and Charger from "Bullitt"

Why a crap '74 Monaco, a butchered DeLorean, and a Batmobile made the Top Ten is beyond me!


Why isn't the General Lee on the list? It should be number 1. Since the Dukes movie it can now be classified as a "movie" car aswell.

According to Monstervision, the car in the Mad Max movies is a Holden (Australian car company) which probably used a 1970s-era Chevy Nova with their own fenders substituted for Nova fenders. Holden also made their version of Fords, but not this time.

Someone mentioned the early Martin Sheen TV-movie California Kid. I don't remember the make and model, but it's the same car used in ZZ Top videos. I've always been afraid of those backward-opening doors in case the driver starts up while I'm getting out...looks cool though. And it was agile enough to outrun evil Vic Morrow's souped-up police cruiser on the hairpin curves.

Jason C

I must say the list was well done. I could say all those cars were memorable. If i had to add a car to the list it would have to be the family sport truckster from Chevy Chases movie " VACATION" MAN WHAT A VEHICLE!

Jason C

I just realized it was on the worst list. Boy do i feel dumb but it still should be on the greatest list.

Sammy Stillwell

Please send us the route to the Cars movie games.


even my 8 year old knows that the number #1 car should of been The General Lee what the hell is a mini-cooper doing on the list?

Miguel Garrido

The Real number 01 by far far far: "The General Lee". The orange 69' Dodge Charger.

Miguel Garrido

and.... in the battle for second place: 69' Challenger Kowalsky, 55' Mercury of Cobra, the red Ford Grand Torino of S & H, Eleanor, Coyote (nobody remember Hardcasttle and McCormick??), the TransAM from Smokey and the Bandit, The Black GMC of The A-Team...... COME ON!!!! OPEN YOUR MIND and REMEMBRER and think for a little bit more time.


I agree with up top how ever this is a nice line up I love Ferraris and the 61 250 GT is drool worthy along with the Enzo of today but I think we need the Shebly up it's one of the Cobras that is worth it maybe its just new generation mantality.


made in 2006
Justin Ross


We love the little movie you people puty together. We love the movie Cars and hope to see more sited about it on the web!!!! Peace.


C'mon We need KITT yeah the talking t/a from Knight Rider. "TURBO BOOST!"

shaikh mirage

i love it


hola soy de ARGENTINA no ban a entender pero soy fana tico de cars asike chau:)..............................................................

ray sharman

Hi just love car racing movies vanishing point and another movie called corgi if you can find a copy let me know has to be the best car movies ever made


I agree with some previous posters,a couple of obvious ones have been left out,and some that should be,but a bit more obscure are missing.
Kind of obscure:
The Challenger from (the original) Vanishing Point
The Charger from "Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry"
Obviously missing (IMHO):
Bandit's Trans-Am....That car was half the movie.
The original Eleanor.C'mon,the remake sucked,the original movie sucked worse,but that's part of it's charm.A guy who made his fortune with junkyards decides he can make a movie,and does all of his own stunts.

Have to agree with the Bullit Mustang though,it just should have ranked higher.
Also,as the previous owner of a 1963 Cadillac Ambulance (the only one of my many,many vehicles I still kick myself for selling),I liked the choice of "Ecto-1".


Check out Ronin. Best car chases ever filmed, and even has acting!

Steven Kordes

Though the mustang in 'Bullitt' with Steve McQueen was the good guy's car that '68 Dodge Charger was the TRUE star of that movie!
It's 375+HP 440 and positraction kept blowing the little 'stang out of the camera frame and they had to get the driver to NOT floor it so much as the little 302 wheel hoppin' peg-leg axle 'stang just couldn't come close to catching that Charger as you can plainly see in the movie!
If you get the NEW 'Bullitt' DVD they bring up these facts in the added features!!
The Charger IS truely the king not only in 'Bullit' & 'Dirty Mary, crazy Larry' but did you know that The 'General Lee' is THE most recognized and most popular car around the entire world!!

elise kroeber

1964 1/2 Mustang convertible in

"A Man & and Woman" -- The car was the star. For some of us, it still is!


While I fully agree that the General Lee (Dukes of Hazzard) and K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) were kick-ass cars, this list was for movie cars only, not TV cars. And before you complain, the Dukes movie was such crap as to disqualify it; even COOTER (Ben Jones) publicly came out against the movie! (If your mechanic disses your car, you don't get to brag about it.)

The greatest movie car of all time has to be the 1964 Buick named "Protector" driven by Gary Farmer (Philbert Bono) and Alex Martinez (Buddy Red Bow) in the excellent road movie "Powwow Highway" about two Cheyenne indians from the reservation who head South to free Buddy's framed sister from jail. The car is cast as a character representing a traditional Cheyenne "war pony." Rent it!


A Caddy with a TWO speed auto? My '46 had four. How did that tranny work?


How could you pick the lame-O redo of the Italian job over the original???? Lamorghini Miura, OK it was short lived and you can see there's no engine when it gets chucked off the cliff, Jag e-type, Aston Martin, and the mini's that started the whole drive the underground/water pipes idea ... They even got one to loop in the tunnel but when they went to film it it landed on its roof. S-8 in Ronin, Cobra/Ferrari Daytona in Gumball rally. The 2 Lolas made up as a Porsche and a Ferrari in Le mans? ... the list goes on

usa bubba

Did no one see Ronin? M5 going the wrong way in the Paris Tunnel that Princess Di met her demize? Not to mention the S8 car chase. Best movie cars and chases.


what about the killer 'Oldsmo-Buick' from the movie Fletch?


HAHHHH.....Mini Cooper??? Herbie??? I can't believe you call yourselves car buffs....I got two words for you, "Corvette Summer"....nuff said!


The "Eat Me" caddie from "Animal House" should have had more votes than Herbie or a Mini Cooper.


the car from "speed racer"
ae86 trueno from "initial D"
the ninja turtles van

Junk Male

How about the supercharged 1970 dodge charger from the fast and the furious? Every man in the theatre grunted when VIN started the beast and every man in the theater scooted to the edge of their seat when he punched it and lifted the front wheels - TESTO OVERFLOW!!! OH YEAH!

kevin kraft



That car would be a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III that was highly customized.

For some reason that made me think of the customized 1971 Cadillac Eldorado from Superfly, which no one else mentioned. Eldorado based pimpmobiles were in a number 70s movies.


The "Eat Me" car from "Animal House" was a Continental - don't you remember the rear suicide doors?


"According to Monstervision, the car in the Mad Max movies is a Holden (Australian car company) which probably used a 1970s-era Chevy Nova with their own fenders substituted for Nova fenders. Holden also made their version of Fords, but not this time."

What rubbish. The black interceptor is a Ford Falcon XB Coupe, and the yellow interceptor is a Ford Falcon XB sedan. The panel van which Max was seen in was a 1975 Holden HJ Sandman with a Statesman front end. Holden doesn't make Fords, and Ford doesn't make Holdens.


that list aint that bad but it sems the cars got more credit than they deserved. i dint see any beautiful cars there. you should have included the 1956 jaguar roadstar convertible from the movie "cruel intentions" dont you agree


These yanks just don't know what a real Aussie Ford Muscle car looks like HAHA.

The XB Falcon in mad max does have an added custom nose cone but there's no mistake it is a Ford.

A Black Falcon XB coup used to be my dream car but these days i drive a pearl black Falcon XR6.

The Chevy in running on empty should also be listed as well as the XYGT.


Theres soo many great star cars out there and cars that just made an-appierence, its not easy remembering them all. Most of the ones mentioned I remember, but theres still afew left...the black Jag. funural wagon from Harry & Mod, Rockfords Firebird, the Old Willys from Hot Rod, Elviras 58 T-Bird, then theres 2 meat wagons--1 from Mother Jugs & Speed, the other from Cannonball Run (this one actually sounded bad ass). How about the LTD from The Driver(the filming, like alot of movies wasnt that great, but the car took alot of shit). The Ford pickup from Buckuroo Banzie,and a few not to overlook--the other chevy from American Graffitie, the Impala from Dirty Mary & Crazy Lary, the firebird from Corvette Summer...The list goes on and on. Although its been along while since theres been any real star cars lately, thats what makes them special.


The Mini's should be the ones from the ORIGNINAL movie. Not the remake.

If you haven't seen it, get it. It's much cooler.


here again no mention of the turbo intercepter from the movie The Wraith. or how about the Pantera from Banzai Runners? and there is the ultimate government car the Crown Vic from the movie Men In Black. these should get mentioned too. they are better choices than some of the ones mentioned here.


one other movie car that deserves mentioning, the black t-bird from the movie Jade. this car totally disected the girl it ran over like 5 times. and then there is the Ramcharger in the movie Lone Wolf McQuaid, (i think that is the name) with Chuck Norris. when it was buried and drove out was just too cool.

Gord Spencer

Hey! AC...I loved that 80s' show ``Stingray"too!
but, the car was a `63 split-window...not a `65.
The only year that G.M. made the split-window was in`63.
You probably thought it was a `65 if you had the scale model of the car, from the series by Revell. I have the same model...and they made the mistake of producing it in a `65.
How could you guys forget the``Black Beauty" from the Green Hornet?
Or the ``Fireball 500" car?


What about God's car, the SALEEN S7 that Jim Carrey was driving in the movie "Bruce Almighty"?

To further a earlier poster's correction about the Mad Max/Road Warrior cars. The Black car was a XB coupe customized with what had been a Ford showcar nose as was the roof wing. The yellow cars in the MM were Falcon sedans . These were produced by Ford of AUSTRALIA for the AU and NZ market . They were never imported by Ford to the States or Canada. Holden is a division of GM . Those cars had nothing in common with any of the US divisions more closely related to Europes GM Vauxhal brand. If you want to know the FACTS about the movies (all 3) go to


What about Dustin's red Alfa. My favorite is the Shelby in "Coming Home"!!!!


Batman Begins' Tumbler is nice, but I would have voted for Tim Burton's 1989 Batmobile.

I am a little surprised none of the Cannonball Run vehicles made the list. Okay, maybe not.


I think there should be a list of memorable vehicles from forgettable movies/TV shows.

-The Beast, 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis from Uncle Buck.

-Dodge M4S/PPG Inceptor concept car from The Wraith.

-Coyote from Hardcastle and McCormick

-Black Beauty from The Green Hornet.

-Bigfoot 4x4 from . . . I don't know but I am sure it was in something.

-1964 Lincoln Futura "Deathmobile" from Animal House. Okay, I am cheating, forgettable car from an unforgettable movie.

-Monkeemobile from The Monkees.

-Car 54 from Car 54, Where Are You? Okay, so maybe there wasn't an actual car is this show.

-Schlepcar and Wonderbug from Wonderbug!

-The five cars from Deathrace 2000.

john schneberk

whoa! wait just a minute does anyone remember an abc movie of the week "outrage" 1973 starring robert culp and that swinging neighbor from that seventies show "DON" don stark also starring one verry bad ass yellow 1956 chevy nomad called "the exorcist" ,73 ford ranchero,73 ss camaro,I have been looking for any information on that nomad as i am obsessed with it,the car was featured in 1001 custom and rod ideas 1975.

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

Hey! What about Dodge Hallenger from “Vanishing Point”???

ups! Challenger :)

Thomas Hanenburg

A side not on the honorable mention, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, I recently saw it (the original) posted for sale on Ebay.


Does anyone remember the make/model of Big Bubba's car, "Mabel" in "Eat My Dust" starring Ron Howard? I know it was a silly unmemorable Roger Corman movie, but I LOVED the car! 1970 Chevy Camaro? Or Pontiac Firebird?


FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG 1964 there was a 1964 riviera topless


forgot the ? does anyone have or can tell me where to get a few pic of the 1964 riviera that was in that movie...FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG 1964

Hate to break the news.....Speed Racer and Scooby were cartoons !!!!!!!!! Please research a little more and give us " real" choices !!!!!!!


Id mention the dodge charger and challenger because they are a few actual movie stars.. combined they been in a decent list of flicks..

Dirty Mary crazy Larry
Vanishing point
Dukes of hazard
Vanishing point
Death Proof
Too fast too furious
Running on empty

Got them all? lol

Im a huge Blues Mobile fan tho myself.

John Bryans Fontaine

Any 10 top movie car list that doesn't have the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 as the number one car is a Joke.

This DB5 is rightfully known as the 'The Most Famous Car in the World'. And putting it after a Dodge Monaco?? This is beyond belief.

Also, Bullitt's Mustang should come in second.


i am actually looking for a diecast model of dumb and dumber's shaggin wagon if something like that has ever been released

i like the gt350 from that movie about the thing

courtney hall

you should do shows to.
#1 on shows would be the '67 impala from the show Supernatural.
Watch supernatural every thursday night at nine p.m. on channal 14

Big Spender

Herbie the Love bug is the best movie car of all time. And may I say the only movie car to appear and several movies remakes...Hummm Herbie the best!


come on, CHRISTINE is the best. mopar!!


The 10 should be mopars, not fords. Fords are junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ummm chicken?

weres the general lee , weres KITT and weres eleanor

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