New Rollover Test Results Highlight Improved SUVs

Bestworst2 One of the top safety concerns for SUV and truck drivers is the possibility of rolling over. Manufacturers have taken the concern to heart and introduced stability systems that can reduce the chances of rollover. That’s reflected in the latest government report, which finds 42% of 2006 models earned four or five star rollover ratings, compared with 34% in 2005. A full list can be found here, but a quick glance at the best and worst 2006 SUVs is below.



[More SUVs Get Passing Grade With New Rollover Ratings, Detroit News]


Bad Angus

Scary that 13% chance of rollover is considered "best." I'll never understand why so many people insist on driving these things. At least SUV safety is heading in the right direction ... unless you happen to be the poor chump who gets hit by one of them.

Peter U. Jonas

Does anyone really think the top three are SUVs? Are these the best-rated SUVs or the worst-rated cars?

It says at the end of the post: "A full list can be found here, but a quick glance at the best and worst 2006 SUVs is below."

So i fyou want to see how cars rank you can click on the above link. We listed SUVs because most concerns with rollover are for SUVs and not cars.

It's nice to see American made vehicles in the top 3 spots, for a change. Still too many in the worst category, but at least it's a mixed bag.


I think this test reveals the need for a clarification of the term SUV. All of the top picks are (warning: automotive profanity alert) station wagons.

In an effort to eliminate the terms station wagon and minivan, all vehicles of this type will now be known as SUVs and crossovers. Further, all used cars will now be certified pre-owned.

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